Legal Services

Corporate Law and Business Organization
Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. helps clients start their business by creating their new entity (LLC, corporation, partnership, etc.). This includes complete corporate record of proceedings, operating agreements, establishment of directors, shareholders and officers. Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. will also secure the client’s federal tax ID number and consult with the client and the client’s bookkeeper or accountant to see if a LLC, sub-S or C corporation are best for the client’s needs. The job needs to be done right and professionally, not by an on-line service that can result in a mine-field of penny-wise, but pound foolish exposure to liability. 
Contract and Business Law
Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. serves its corporate and business clients by producing customized transactional documents and forms for the business, such as purchase orders, limitations of liability, product/service purchase and sale agreements, construction and development agreements, copyright and trade name registrations, employment agreements, buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, and other types of business agreements specific to the client’s needs. Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. also provides syndications for smaller investment groups for real estate acquisitions, including multi-family apartments, manufacturing, food service and other business ventures.
Real Estate Law and Leasing
Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. represents large and small clients purchasing and selling real estate, whether commercial, investment or industrial. Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. will handle and coordinate the real estate transaction from beginning to end—from negotiating the deal, to setting up escrow, to managing the environmental and “due-diligence” reviews, to bank financing documents, through to the closing. Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. provides 30 years of experience in these transactions and includes evaluation of land use codes, and municipal code compliance. Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. also represents commercial tenants and Landlords for leasing of commercial spaces in strip centers, malls and free-standing buildings.
Land Use and Constitutional Law
Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. serves its clients by evaluating and researching land use, title and regulatory actions taken against landowners. Constitutional protections and property rights are areas of concentration of Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co., having decades of experience with municipal zoning and building codes. Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. also assists its clients through regulatory appeals, such as zoning and building appeals. 
Business Acquisitions and Sales
Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. has extensive experience in asset purchase and sale agreements for small businesses, whether for a service or inventory/asset intensive business. Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. will help the client decide whether an asset sale/purchase is best or whether the client should purchase or sell shares and equity in the business. Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. will carefully manage the transaction for its client in a way that is customized to suit the client’s needs. 
Although Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. does not provide lobbying services, Gus Frangos has drafted, advocated and has successfully seen a number of legislative changes passed in the Ohio General Assembly, which he drafted for the General Assembly’s consideration. He has worked with elected officials, administrative agencies and sponsors in the General Assembly, is familiar with the legislative process and can assist any client in presenting legislative changes to the Ohio General Assembly. Sometimes the need for legislation is specific to the client and sometimes it is specific to the client’s industry and thus helpful to all those in that particular business. Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. has skill and experience crafting revisions to the Ohio Revised Code and can draft proposed changes consistent with the legislative processes and formalities.
Wills, Trusts, Asset Protection, Estates
Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. provides sensitive, customized and confidential Wills, Trusts, and Estate documents, as well as Asset Protection Trusts/Entities for its clients. Business clients who take the risk of starting and running a business, often desire to shield their home and personal assets from exposure to potential frivolous liability. Representation includes Asset Protection instruments, entity transfers and assignments to heirs. Gus Frangos Attorney-at-Law Co. also provides estate planning documents such as “A-B” Trusts, common trusts, pour-over Wills to trusts, Health and Durable Powers of Attorneys, and Special Needs Trusts.